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dlite22 tube amplifier
Elusive tone rediscovered
Inspired by the elusive Carlton/Ford tone characterized as fat and smooth with a nice bite to the top and tight thick lower mids and bottom . The D'Lite delivers a wide palette of available tones, from warm round cleans, to shimmering crystal cleans, to aggressive power stage breakup, to smooth saturated high-gain overdrive, and all degrees in between.

voxybrown18 tube amplifier
EF86 Tone
The pairing of the EF86 driven VoxyBrown 18 Head with the lush, dynamic Celestion Blue loaded 1x12 open back cabinet delivers the elusive sparkle and grind must-have tone.

lite18 tube amplifier
Classic 18 watt
The combination of classic 18 watt inspired circuit with the warm, dynamic Celestion Greenback Heritage loaded 1x12 open back cabinet delivers the creamy harmonic driven sustain and expressive note articulation that cannot be described....only experienced.